Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry McDonald Christmas...

Yes folks,

It's that happy time of year when we all gather round the cuddy and rejoice in the blessings of how much disposable income we all have... this year we have something extra to be thankful for, as yacht rock's own answer to Jesus (Michael McDonald of course) has released a new Christmas record.

For those of you who, like me, were left wanting more after listening to McDonald's 2004 epochal release: Through the Many Winters: A Christmas Album, or 2001's joyous In The Spirit, or 2005's ground-breaking Christmas Collection: 20th Century Masters, this 4th volume of holiday classics satisfies the hunger... delivering a dangerous mix of traditional holiday classics, along with outstanding new renditions sure to kick your yacht party's egg nog keg over the bow.

Just listen to some of these enthusiastic comments about the record from two faithful Amazon.com reviewers:

"My 16 year old jazz musician said, "Wow!" - H. Willard

"To Make a Miracle", "Peace", and "On This Night" are about as close to hearing a heavenly choir as one is likely to get in this world. - Bruce Ballard

While these are great comments, I didn't really feel like they went far enough in explaining the impact that this record truly has for the devout....

So, I decided to add my own (can also be viewed at amazon here)

The Real Meaning Of Christmas, December 22, 2009
For the 4th Christmas now in this brand new millenium, Michael McDonald has blessed our spirits with the true meaning of the holidays. At this time of year, we all know how easy it is to get caught up in all the superficial nonsense of the holidays... from buying gifts, to stringing lights on our trees, to going to church and singing to Jesus.

It's easy to forget the real reason we have Christmas... to remind us all of how amazing Michael McDonald's voice is, how he came from such modest beginnings to become the king of all yacht rock, and asks only that we invite him into our hearts in return.

Thank you Michael... I look forward to your next christmas record..

I hope this helps give this legend the credit he deserves... and opens the door to 4 more great Christmas records next decade...