Monday, November 30, 2009

Shots! L'il Jon makes his mark on Yacht Rock

Hey everybody,

I know it's been a little while, but I'm back... as I was inspired over the holidays by the excellent work coming from L'il Jon and family.

Recently, he did some outstanding work with rapper duo LMFAO (pretty much Hollywood's hip-hop answer to MGMT), creating 2009's party rock anthem, 'Shots'...

While I don't have any quotes from Michael McDonald yet, a quick viewing of the video below should help illuminate several cultural similarities between crunk and yacht rock:

"If you're not drunk ladies and gentlemen, get ready to get fucked up".. right out of the yacht rock party cruise playbook.

Indeed, every step of the way, the similarities between these genres keep coming back:

Where Chicago sang "Saturday in the Park", LMFAO sings "I'm in Miami Bitch".

Where Michael McDonald sang "I'll be Your Angel", L'il Mama and T-Pain have "Shawty Get Loose".

Where Air Supply has "Lost in Love", Petey Pablo has "Vibrate".. and ... ok, you get the idea...

And when it comes to getting drunk, Yacht Rock had songs about drinking to excess covered long ago, from the somber Arthur's Theme (Christopher Cross) and Deacon Blues (the Dan), to my personal favorite: "The Pina Colada Song" by Rupert Holmes:

This badass song is similarly about treating women like shit, getting drunk and traveling to exotic places with lots of money... plus, he's got much cooler shades than Lil Jon. That and it doesn't look like the two guys in LMFAO are even capable of growing facial hair (a must in yacht rock, except for Christopher Cross, who has perfected the used-car salesman look for this genre).

Long story short... next time you feel like convincing two whores to go down on you, put away that low bit-rate mp3 of T-Pain and reach for the dusty 8-track heaven of Kenny Loggins.